I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

A cloudy day

Saturday, April 11th, I arrived at Skydive The Farm with Arne, to only find clouds, clouds and more clouds!

Luckily, we were barely turn a few loads finding a few holes!

Jump #168
Arne and I did a train exit and then after I finally took his hint and let go with my legs, he was able to practice his sit.  Oops…sorry!  Landed near the flag…east end of the field near the hanger.

Jump #169
Arne and I exited practicing our sit.  I was just in front of him, turned after we left the plane and there he was.  I was actually surprised…we were able to stick closer together than I thought.  We both need to practice on our fall rate, so we can better match it.  I remember one particular time when I was trying to catch up to Arne who was below me quite a bit.  I checked my altimeter, looked down at him and then stood up to pick up lots of speed.  Wow… I was hauling…  I later check my max. airspeed on that jump, it was at 163 mph!

Good day…not a lot of jumps, but that’s due partially to the clouds.


One Response to “A cloudy day”

  1. I was wondering if you have ever spent any time in a vertical wind tunnel. Although you are a more experienced skydiver than I am, I found it amazingly beneficial to spend time in a wind tunnel. It is not as much fun as skydiving to be sure; however, it provides quite an excellent arena for learning more body control. Instead of a 45 second free fall you get 3 minute rounds with the relative walls for measuring your control. Besides they can be used on cloudy days. Be safe… I hope the sun comes out the next time you go jumping.

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