I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

First Skydive Shooting Video

May 9th, mark the day! Something I have been wanting to do since I began skydiving was to record video.  Today was that day!

Jump #170
First skydive video I recorded.  I chased out Carter and Carl and video taped them while they practiced a head down, then practice docks on belly, then a couple back flips.  Check out the video…

Apologies…not impressed with YouTube.  The quality sucks.  Or I need to keep experimenting with different settings.

I did this video in my belly suit, and had a lot more control than you will see in my later video where I am sit flying.

Jump #171
Second video, I turned on the camera…then as I exited the plane, the side of the camera box hit the inside of the plane, pulling the connector off slightly, shutting down the whole camera.  Not exactly cool…oh well, mind the plane when leaving next time.

Jump #172
This jump consisted of Amber, Dave and I trying to pull off a free fly sit.  Dave ended up way up high, I fell with Amber…but as much as I tried, I could not drive forward enough to catch up with her.  Hell I may of been the one not driving forward at all.

Thanks to Mike G. at ChutingStar for the hookup on the camera equipment, advice…and patience!

Blue Skies!


3 Responses to “First Skydive Shooting Video”

  1. Dude, I’m proud of ya bro! You did an awesome job, the videos came out great! Looking forward to having a blast in the sky with you on video!

    Blue skies!

  2. Many compliments you have done a great job… my name is Fabrizio I’m from Italy and my DZ is BFU Reggio Emilia….I’m a new entry in sky family…I’ve finished my AFF course last mounth and I hope to became a good skydive video like you….

    Blue skies from Italy.


  3. Nice vids. I found this interesting skydiving video with some very interesting angles.

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