I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Jumpin Da Casa

Arne, Abhi and I were heading out to jump, we decided to head to a different dropzone, because they had a CASA there for the weekend! 1st time jumping out of a CASA, YEAH!

Jump #173
3 way w/Arne and Abhi – video captured was blurry! crap!

Jump #174
3 way w/Arne and Abhi – video captured not blurry! yeah!

Jump #175
2 way w/Arne – video captured! Abhi didn’t make this because his parachute wasn’t packed in time.  I thought that would teach him to begin packing himself…..nope!

Jump #176
3 way w/Arne and Abhi – more video captured!

Video jumps good or bad to date: 7!

Comments for other video students:
Besides camera shake, and not always keeping the camera on subject…the biggest failure I experienced was my camera turning on and zooming into max by itself. You may ask yourself why this is so terrible.  Well when you have a wide angle lens on your camera…zooming in beyond a certain point causes everything to get a soft focus to it…so soft it makes everyone look like blobs.  Ok…its worse…its blurry and you can’t make out a thing!

This technical glitch cost me more wasted time and distracted me from improving my camera shooting abilities as I could not critique my own skills! Of course, it covered up all my mistakes too…so if you want an excuse…blurry video.  🙂


One Response to “Jumpin Da Casa”

  1. Absolutely AWESOME!

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