I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Skydive The Farm with Friends!

This break has been the the longest I’ve gone without jumping.  I’m proud that I took advantage of the time and got a lot of work done…but seriously? I was losing my mind…something about that great big sky was calling me back!

When I wasn’t skydiving I was enjoying life in the great outdoors.  On one of my trips, I climbed to just over 6000 feet at Cold Mountain in North Carolina.  It was the start of a three day backpacking trip.  I looked out across the mountains…and one thing rang into my head loud and clear… “your about half way up to altitude…”.  That all too familiar interview that I vividly remembered standing on top of a mountain in the middle of no where.

That is why on August, 8th 2009….three of my friends and I met at Skydive The Farm (best dropzone I’ve ever been to!).  Not only was it a beautiful day, but lots of familiar faces I hadn’t seen in a long time were there! Hans, the dropzone owner…is always keeping things moving and still finds the time to stop and say hello.  The skydiving community is a great group of people.  All types mixed into this pool of slightly insane but yet the sanest people when it comes to balancing life; who probably appreciate the things in life more than the average Joe!

Jump #177
I arrived just before other friends where to show up, so I decided it was time to get reacquainted with the sky.  Video camera was left in the locker as I set out to jump and warm up with some back flips, rolls, and turns.  I flew on my back then flipped over on my belly.  Opened my canopy slightly earlier…checked it out fully inflated and then began practicing canopy maneuvers.  Everything was fine, my head was in sync…and I told myself not to get too eager or cocky….  It paid off…I landed softly…coiled up the lines and ran in to the hanger to repack.

Jump #178
Abhi showed up as I was packing and signed us up for the next load.  While driving over to the plane, I was invited on a training video interview and jump with a tandem.  Received great tips and instruction, and everything went great except I brought my arms in close and fell faster than the tandem.  It wasn’t a loss, I kept my distance and the tandem opened up safely….while I watch before burning off more altitude and then opening myself from a safe distance.  The video came out blurry, but I didn’t find out until after my next jump! 😦

Jump #179
Abhi, Arne and I jumped.  But I discovered a technical video problem.  The camera was auto-zooming every time I turned it on with the video switch.  Abhi had enough….we sat down and looked into it.  Opening the manual and attempting to reconfigure the settings solved the problem.

Jump #180
Arne and Abhi were jumping while I was videoing them.  This wasn’t too bad.  I came a bit close to Arne, and rather than unsettle him by colliding…we were so close that I reached out my hand to brace myself….but that sent him into an unstable movement and those two had to fix their positioning all thanks to me! Abhi returned the finger as a gesture of “thanks buddy”.  🙂

Jump #181
Chris our other buddy showed up and the three of the guys exited with a train.  It is where they line up and hook their feet under the persons armpits in front of them.  Done correctly, you can fly the train and have a great time doing it.  Everyone gets to sit up even if they can’t Free Fly and enjoy the scenery.  My job was simple….video them.

Upon exit….three were together.  Chris fell off.  There were two left.  They held it, then split apart.  That is when I began descending again to stick with the group.  Unfortunately, Abhi, one of the two was regaining stability I got over top of him.  I ended up falling faster than I wanted and banged my right knee on his rig.  I hyper extended it and ended up ruining all sport activities for several weeks.

What could I have done? Lots….anticipate his movement better, clear out in the other direction.  I think I ended up doing what they teach military pilots not to do….fixate.  If you fixate on something you will steer, drive or fly into it.  It happened so fast…he was alright, I was alright….great learning experience.

The day was hot and very busy at The Farm! They set a new tandem record of 102 tandems! Because the record was broken, Hans the DZO bought beer for everyone.  Who can say nooo? 🙂

Arne and Abhi headed over to the pond to get their water training for their B license.  Take a look at the video….the jumps, the friendly faces, and the water training….its all there.


4 Responses to “Skydive The Farm with Friends!”

  1. I’m from the chicago area and just finished my third jump….Life from this view makes a heart grow…

  2. To all Gary died this morning…call me!!!!!!!

  3. Hi dude!
    Have you ever tried jumping with a bike and then driving?? should be an immense adrenaline kick, or?

  4. In memory of Gary with love Dan & Regina!!!!!! We MISSSS You

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