I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Time off

After taking some time off from skydiving, I decided enough was enough. That thing called life would have to wait a day while I went out to play.

The sky was a perfect deep blue, the top was down on the jeep, and I headed out to Skydive The Farm to get reacquainted with the sky.

Jump 191
First jump was a refresher, my turns, flips all came back to me naturally.  I didn’t even have to think, it was like walking, you just don’t forget.  Of course, leading up to the jump, I practiced the cutaway-reserve pull several times mentally and with my hands to make sure mind and motor skills were in sync should I need them.

The wind was light, and I didn’t know if I would stand up the landing, being it has been awhile.  But I not only stood it up, but walked it off nicely.

Jump 192
I decided to jump with another jumper (Tim?) who was at 35 jumps.  Plan was he exists, me right behind, catching up with him.  He dock on all four sides of me, then I do same.

He jumped out, and I chased afterwards aggressive at first, but easing into the glide to dock in front of him.  We exited around 14,000 and docked at 13,000.  He began his path around me, practicing docks and flying around me and finished off by 10,000 feet.  That was impressive!

I did the same, and we both did 360 spins practicing to keep the same elevation.  It was good practice for us both, and I am equally impressed how talented he was for such a low number of jumps.

The day ended with a cool ride home in the jeep, sweatshirt and all.  The farm family is always changing, but so many familiar faces still exist.  Can’t wait until I return for some more jumps…


2 Responses to “Time off”

  1. Hi! Glad to see you’re back to skydiving! I came to your blog to learn about firsts in skydiving. Thanks so much for educating me! Please keep jumping and blogging – appreciate your humor and insight!

    I guess I’ll owe a first soon since I’m doing ground school and my 1st non-tandem jump this coming Sunday. Can’t wait! I looked up STF and I can’t wait to get certified so I can jump down there. I have to make periodic trips to Marietta, so I’m sure it would be worth coming a little further west to check out The Farm.

    Hope you’ll keep jumping and keep blogging – you’ve got a follower here in NC, even if I am a newbie!

  2. Angela – great to hear another one joins the ranks. 🙂
    Best of luck on Sunday. There are some great DZ’s out there, but STF will always be home for me. I live in Marietta, so I know the drive to The Farm well, it not bad at all. The STF family loves having visitors. Blue Skies!

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