I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

St. Patti Day Boogie

Attended the St. Patti Day Boogie last weekend in Fitzgerald, GA.  This made for a lot of firsts.  New DZ, First Balloon jump…

Showed up Friday night, just in time to have a beer around the bomb fire.

Saturday – awoke ready to go.

Jump #202
2 way freefly w/Bruce Crawford.  An excellent jump out the back of the Skyvan! I held my sit stable, and was docked on twice.

Jump #203
6/7 man RW jump w/Bruce and a couple other Candian’s.  I was pleased with this jump.  I flew in and held my spot the entire time.  When another guy I was docked on began to fall out, at first I tried to help him, but when I realized he was leaving us, I let go and held my spot until he could get back in formation.

Jump #204
Free Fly jump 2way.  Either I didn’t do so well, or the other flyer was flying backwards slightly? Never got any docks.  Never got a chance to see her video either!

Jump #205
Balloon jump from 5,000 feet.  I captured a lot of video on the ground, and a wee bit in the air.  Next time I won’t go first, so I can capture someone else jumping/falling off the balloon. 🙂  Met some new friends and got to catch up with some old ones.


Jump #206
Tracking dive with 6/7 others; Sunman was leading on his back.  Video…


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