I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

2nd Annual Jump For the Kids!

Today went out to my home DZ to join in the fun at the Jump for the Kids boogie. A donation of $30 got you a t-shirt, cool Cypres AAD drinking glass and tons of good vibes! Besides, it was for the kids! Perfect 75F weather, clear blue skies, zero smog…

Jump 207
FreeFly w/Arne +sit +video

Jump 208
SCR 10way w/Bruce organizing

Jump 209
Solo FF practice +sit -video

Jump 210
2way FF w/Arne +sit +video

Hung out afterwards for the swoop competition and our very own Skydiving Magician who wasn’t liked by the wind and/or trees.  Glad he was able to walk it off.

Swoop Video…


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