I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Three more

Saturday, April 4th, was a beautiful day to jump.  I arrived at Skydive The Farm around noon.  Later than I had wanted, but I was happy to pull off three fun jumps, at a nice pace.

Jump #165
Solo sit fly; this was my first jump, which I named my warm up jump.  Because I sucked holding my sit.  I didn’t fall out of it, but I kept fighting my sit.  Things began to smooth out a bit when I sat up and arched my upper back, but I wasn’t happy with my performance on this one.

Jump #166
Solo sit fly; Chad took pics as I exited the Otter.  He told me to look up at him and hold two peace symbols.  I wasn’t sure if I ‘d pull it off…but it worked out nicely.  I never left my sit, it worked out really well, so I decided to practice my turns.  The turns could be better in my opinion.  I mean I turned around, but I didn’t feel as stable turning…more practice!!!

Jump #167
Two way sit fly with ?????? (sorry, I forgot his name).  He had a lot more experience than I did skydiving…and it showed.  We exited, and I remember looking around for him right after I got stable.  He said he was cracking up because my head was looking in all directions…and he was right behind me.  I found him when I began turning around.  I was amazed how well he stayed right there behind me the entire time.  He took a dock on my shoe, and gave me one bit of advice, open my stance more for more control.

All in all, another great day of skydiving.  I remember being under canopy and looking around, I could see forever it seemed.  I remember thinking how damn beautiful it was to be 3,000 feet in the air looking around at the landscape.  The wind in my face….hanging under a few lines and a carefully engineered parachute.  Don’t worry it wasn’t packed as careful as it was engineered. 🙂


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