I take each jump one at a time, learn something and have a great time!

Dropzones jumped from

Listed chronologically for me based on my initial visit with the dropzone. Home will always be where I learned the basics and began to master the skill…Skydive The Farm.

Skydive Atlanta
This was my first dropzone back in 2005, when I completed my first and only tandem skydive. Little did I know that this would generate a little spark that would last for another two years and bring me back to the sport. Based on my little knowledge of the sport at the time, the staff was great. Everyone left the dropzone that day smiling.
2005 – #1 (First and only tandem)

Skydive The Farm
This is where I began a new chapter in my life. I learned the basics, obtained my license and made many new friends (aka drinking buddies). This may just be the best dropzone (in my book), they have a extra large field just crying out to students to learn just as I did. The staff is excellent, all friendly faces and the owner Hans watches out for his students.
May 2007 – AFF / Home DZ

Atlanta Skydiving Center
Next to Skydive The Farm, this is well known with the public. They advertise more and thus generate more business. This doesn’t make them a better dropzone, just a different dropzone with a similar agenda, at a slightly faster pace. All of the people I had a chance to meet were great!

Skydive City (Zephyrhills, Florida)
This is a great place to visit and jump. It has one of the most impressive skydiving stores I had ever seen. A nice bar, food, big blue skies and warm weather. The first-time check in was not very clear and took longer than we had wanted. They charge spectators $5 to watch and don’t supply even rubber bands for packing your own rig.
Dec 1st, 2007 – #58-59
July 20, 2008 – #136, 137

Skydive Deland (Deland, Florida)
Jumps from 13,500 were only $20! A great first class bar, store and organized jump computer system keeping you informed down to the minute how far out your next jump is. You pack your parachute under a miniature hanger without doors. A kiddie area fenced in for safety. The staff were very helpful and it took very little time to get things squared away to jump here the first time. Follows suit to Skydive City, this is business, supply your own rubber bands, don’t expect free handouts.
Dec 2nd, 2007 – #60

Skydive Sebastian (Sebastian, Florida)
I intended to jump on New Years Day 2008, but the weather ended up ruining our plans.  So no jumps here yet.  A great place with a bar and deck, and another bar near the palm trees.  Overall, I can’t wait to return to this place.  The people all seemed friendly, but on New Years I couldn’t tell who was local and who was visiting.
First Skydive Boogie with Skydive The Farm Crew!

Florida Skydive Center (Lake Wales, Florida)
Visited Aaron and jumped at this smaller dropzone.  I like smaller dropzones, you get to know the locals at the dropzone and they even invite you on jumps with them.  A lot about this dropzone reminds me of my home DZ, Skydive The Farm.
July 19th, 2008 – #132-135

Skydive Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald Municipal Airport, Fitzgerald, Georgia)
Attended my first St. Patty Day Boogie here in March 2011. Did my first balloon jump.  Hard to compare the DZ when a boogie is in town, because there is so much going on.  There are plenty of accommodations and restaurants/stores near by.  I loved the jump area, a lot of open fields leaving you plenty of options if you are going to land off.
March 19th, 2011 – #202-206


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