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Archive for September 2007

New DropZone and Team Practice

September 22, 2007

James (a teammate on the 4-way) was wanting to jump Saturday. I had a hurting head and was tired, but I didn’t want to mope around all day and accomplish nothing, so I decided to take him up getting in a few practice jumps. Let me just say for the record…I think the older you […]

A day of firsts!

September 4, 2007

Anytime you admit in skydiving to a first, such as “This is the first time I jumped this rig.” or “This is the first Cessna 182 I jumped from”.  Automatically, someone will shout…you owe a case of beer.  It keeps the skydiving community morale up.  Ok…maybe I lied…it keeps the beer flowing at the dropzone […]